Firm Touch softkeyboard for Android

Never miss a key typing on these huge buttons! Just tap for primary characters and double tap for secondary. Firm Touch is based on qwerty layout and is very easy to learn, yet is very suitable for power users like Unix and Cisco sysadmins. Firm Touch

✓ To enter primary characters just press a key
✓ To enter secondary character double tap it
✓ To repeat a character do a gesture -- slide from any button to next one and back

Activate keyboard in your device settings after installation, otherwise you won't be able to use it. Please, read our fine manual, you can find it in your program list or you can launch help directly with help gesture -- upwards from "HELP" label.

Main features:

✓ 80% of characters are typed with single tap
✓ 20% of characters are typed with double tap
✓ easy and useful macro system, allowing Unix and Cisco sysadmins to type long commands and special characters in terminal with single button press
✓ easy gestures to switch between layouts and call various features
✓ easy navigation keyboard with arrows for large text editing, featuring selection with arrows and mark/copy/paste buttons -- no need for long press or hunt for tiny selection anymore
✓ export keyboard configuration into clipboard as text and import it from clipboard
✓ tunable keyboard geometry, including keyboard position and split in the middle for landscape mode
✓ this keyboard is SAFE -- it has no internet or other permissions, thus your personal data is safe

Supported languages: English, Russian

Download it from Play Market. If you like this keyboard, you can purchase a lifetime license. It will remove 'buy me' button at the bottom of the keyboard.

Direct .apk downloads (attention! you can't install these apk over Play Market version or vice versa -- certificates will be incompatible, save your configuration somewhere before doing that):

Please, report bugs to, I always check my email and respond to questions.

Firm Touch privacy policy is here.

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