A little bit about me

Me in 1996 My name is Roman Valerievich Isaev. I was born in Moscow on September  1971. I'm a system administrator, working with Unix and Cisco for more than 16 years. This site is just a hobby site with random thoughts, links and other stuff.

 The photo on the left was made in 1996 and I'll keep it there as the reminder of that time. My current photo (as of November 2012) is below. I still wear fanny pack, long tail and beard, but I prefer black clothes now.

Me in 2012



I began my sysadmin way in PC Centre Techno, later Techno Center Plust. There I developed in 1997 first free home page hosting in Russia, called halyava.ru. In 1997-2000 I hosted @banners mailing list that carried our Russian web marketer's discussion for a few years.



I've spent last 12 years (as of November 2012) working for big alcohol retailer in Russia and I still work there, managing their WAN networks and VPN systems.




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