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  • Mon 28 Feb 2022 10:56:15 AM MSK

    War. The dictator lost touch with reality after two years of covid isolation in his bunker and decided to start Third World War. He is insane, he does not need any rational reasons. He is going to destroy both Ukraine and Russia, and probably the world as whole. And yes, the West is to blame here too, because for 20 fucking years nobody prevented Putin thiefs from saving their stolen money in Western banks and doing whatever they please. As long as Russia supplies oil and gas. The West did not WANT to pursue Putin's thiefs, but welcomed them. Now we face the consequences. The dictator became too strong and too bold. "The West is weak, they are cowards, they can't do anything" he thinks.

    And now it's to late.

  • Thu 11 Jun 2020 05:04:41 PM MSK

    First public release of Firm Touch keyboard. So far, only Free apk is available for download, because Google is still checking the app.

  • Fri Feb 22 16:22:33 MSK 2019

    Time flows. Another upgrade and now I moved my site to Ramnode VPS. And I'm still employed at our large alcohol retailer. Heh, 19 years of continuous employment!

  • Wed Nov 21 19:36:35 MSK 2012

    Funny. Time flows. Finally I moved my server to my "new" box (HP Microserver) that I've got two years ago. RIP, Genuine Pentium with F00F bug (yes, my old server was THAT old -- original Pentium with 80 meg RAM running ancient OpenBSD, I changed CPU fans about three or four times during these times and twice the PSU unit). And BEFORE that it was alredy a well-used minitower box probably made in early 90s in USA...

  • Mon Jul 6 14:19:36 MSD 2009

    Ouch. Some more years passed.

  • Thu Apr 28 19:15:06 MSD 2005

    Heh. Several years passed.

  • Sun Oct 13 18:06:43 MSD 2002

    Another global fix and move to isaev.ru (permanent I hope). About four years of downtime. Many links are missing or simply wrong.

  • Thu Dec 25 13:17:54 MSK 1997

    Fixed missing pages (I hope!).

  • Sat Dec 20 19:58:20 MSK 1997

    It looks like the life consists only of crashes. Half of my site is damaged. I have a backup copy but cannot install it right now :( Links and other thingies can be defunct :(

    Sun Nov 9 13:42:52 MSK 1997

    Ouch. Finally I restored my site after long downtime.

  • (date unknown)

    I'm setting up new design. It's my first experience with photoshop, so glitches are floating around... tell me about 'em. Bazaar on Deva mud is dead, looks like we both gave up :(

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