This is going to be a place to keep various bits of useful information. Links, texts, pictures, everything that I found interesting enough to keep there.


Old links fom nineties


Most of these links are defunct, but some of them still available via archive.org.


Table RPG stuff


My favourite MUDS



  • Surf Point, nice place to surf the web;
  • Another place to surf -- ;
  • Susanna Buffo, web designer from Italy... she made an excellent Link Exchange logo for me. Many thanks, Susanna! Here is a link to her company's site, Giardino Italiano;
  • Search Mania, lots of search links;
  • Mike Dunk's Woodcarver Gallery (shame on you, Yahoo, for closing Geocities!!!);
  • Figlet, descendant of the unix utility 'banner'.

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