My projects

  • My old site about firearms in Russia: Firearms in Russia: laws and history.It's very old and a little inaccurate, but surprisingly nothing really changed since 1996, when I made that site...
  • Beginner's flautist's notes -- In 2004 I began to play recorder and I still play every morning, learning to handle Jacob van Eyck.
  • Russian MUSH FAQ. I wrote this during my FIDOnet years and I was the maintainer of this FAQ in RU.GAME.MUD echo area. So many years ago... sorry, Russian only.
  • Morse code input driver (I made pedals for morse code input in 2000-2001, so probably this code won't work anymore as it was designed for Windows 95).
  • An utility to use Microsoft Natural keyboard's zoom lever, obsolete too
  • Firm Touch softkeyboard for Android. Huge buttons, easy to hit. In active development.

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